The G Family!

There are few things in this world I love more than repeat clients…  def in the top five.  These guys are not only repeat clients – Mom, K, is also a great at referring me to new customers!  Did you know that if you refer me to five new clients who book a shoot – you yourself earn a FREE SHOOT?  Yeah, not a penny.  Yeah it’s that easy!  Just tell them to make sure they mention your name in the email/phone call etc… and after five – you get almost any type of shoot on me (weddings and events not included)!  Make sure to “Like” Holly Haddad Photography so your friends can easily pass it on!  That being said… enjoy the photos of the G Family and don’t forget to book those Holiday Shoots!  It IS September after all!

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Double Trouble… Camryn & Caelin!

Happy Monday!  First day of school?  Canceled!  Thanks Irene!  So in lieu of school, I’ll be editing and working on my tan!
These photos are of my good friends twin girls, Camryn and Caelin!  These two have recently turned two and we got some photos of them hanging out at their brand new house (congrats A&S!)!  Two year olds are hard enough to get photos of… never mind two of them!  hehe  But we persevered and got some great shots!
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Lee & Kevin… Almost Mr & Mrs!

So excited to post these photos!  I’ve been spending most of my time mourning summer (and eradicating fleas… again.  grrr) as school is right around the corner, quite literally.
Anyhow!  Here are some photos that Lee and Kevin and I got down in Providence for their engagement shoot!  They will be tying the knot next July and I am very excited to be their photographer!  See Kevin is my good friend Pat’s brother – so yet another fun wedding with friends!  Yay!  Lee was really looking for the timeless black and whites so I tried to make sure I got plenty of them!
Enjoy and have a great week!

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Welcome Lily and Zoey!

Welcome back!  It’s been quite some time!  Schoooools out for summer!  Yesssah!

So my first blog of the summer goes to Zoey and Lily!  Zoey and Lily are the cutest lil twin girls of our good friends Aaron and Carolyn.  Facts about Zoey and Lily:  

  • Lily and Zoey were born at 27 1/2 weeks and weighed 1lb 15oz and 2lb 1oz
  • They are almost 6 months old!
  • Lily and Zoey are super identical (though Zoey has a lil more meat on her lol)
  • Zoey is still on oxygen and Lily only at night
  • At 5 months old they witnessed a glorious day in Boston history… go B’s!
  • They have a bulldog brother, Baxter
  • Their parents are madly in love with these two lil cutie pies!

So enjoy the photos as I certainly enjoyed taking them!  Oh and have a great weekend!

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Welcome Aaron!

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone had a great short week!  I did!  Now sitting here editing, blogging, elbow resting on the sleeping Shelbinator, wine on table, America’s Best Dance Crew on TV… you guessed it!  Sami is away for the night!  lol was it the MTV that gave it away?!  lol  I have to admit I don’t watch a lot of MTV – but this show?  Kills me – these kids are so freaking talented!  Love it and it always makes me smile!

Speaking of smiles… or rather, lack there of… here’s Aaron!  Mr Super Serious.  LOL  I did get a few smiles out of him but man he was a tough sell!  What a cutie!  With that blonde hair and chubby lil face!   And when Aaron is not happy?  The Lip.  What a lip.  He sticks it out and let’s you know – “fix it, or else.”   Thankfully, The Lip, only came out a few times.

So, I hope your Friday night is going as well as mine – and if not, I’m sure Aaron’s photos will make a lil better!  Have a great weekend!

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Congrats Colleen & Brian!

First wedding of the Season here!

Welcome back!  I expect to be posting quite a bit in the next few months!  Click on the subscribe button (in the footer) to get the updates hot off the press… er internet???

Anyhow – a big congratulations to Colleen and Brian on their beautiful wedding a few weeks ago.  This date holds a special place for me, as April 16th was also my wedding date!  Oddly enough, Colleen and Brian had the EXACT kind of day it was a year ago!  Cold, cloudy, windy, and later on?  Rain.  But so far it’s been lucky for me, and hopefully lucky for Colleen and Brian too!  What a fun wedding!  The bridesmaids and groomsmen were awesome and their support for this beautiful couple was amazing!  And what a fun wedding!  The guests tore up the dance floor!  What a great group of family and friends that came out to support the bride and groom.  So without further adieu here are the lovely Colleen and Brian!

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Happy Easter!

Well after a small photo hiatus – I will be pretty busy in the next few weeks… yay!

Today was a beautiful Easter Sunday – warm and sunny – finally!  What a nice day to hang out with family and friends!  First off to the husband’s side for a lil grill action and then to my family for dessert!  Kudos to my talented little sisters for the fabulous desserts!  I will be thinking of you ladies during my workout tomorrow!  After today’s festivities I had a quick engagement shoot with my sister-law, Lindsey, and her fiancée, Peter.  They will be getting married in December of this year!  Congrats guys!  Can’t wait!!!

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Welcome to the World Mark Jr!

Welcome back!  I’m so excited for you to see these photos!  You may remember Nicky from her maternity shoot a few weeks back… but now she has a baby!  LOL – so please welcome Mark Jr into the world!  I visited Mark when he was only five days old for these shots… so he wins the Youngest HHP Client (so far) Award! I also captured a few fairly silly photos that I will be sure to caption for you!  hehe  So without further adieu – Mark Jr!

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Congrats Nicky & Mark!

This past weekend I had the lovely opportunity to take my friend Nicky’s maternity photos.  And what a beautiful subject she is!  Only four lil weeks to go and from the back?  You’d never guess!  And you know what else?  She is a kickboxing instructor, still, as in I took her class on Saturday.  WOW  You go girl, you look AMAZING!  I swear she’s gonna have a lil boy ninja!  Enough enough I know… so here ya go… enjoy!

*UPDATE!  – See the baby in THIS belly here!

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Alex, Ben, & Ryan… Round 2!

Is there really such thing as too much snow?  Nah – we are New Englanders!  Suck it up people!  Enjoy the snow for all of it’s pure beauty!  (yes, I do have to shovel and drive in it as well, but take it in stride!)

Anyways!  Ladies and Gents we have a repeat costumer!  YAY!  Many thanks to Kristen and allowing me to come back and get some more fabulous photos of her trio of adorable boys!  And I really have to give it up to her, what an amazing job she does staying cool, calm, and collected, baby on hip, no matter how loud or how crazy things are around her!  I admire that!  So here are the boys, with emphasis on the lil guy…  enjoy!

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