Alex, Ben, & Ryan… Round 2!

Is there really such thing as too much snow?  Nah – we are New Englanders!  Suck it up people!  Enjoy the snow for all of it’s pure beauty!  (yes, I do have to shovel and drive in it as well, but take it in stride!)

Anyways!  Ladies and Gents we have a repeat costumer!  YAY!  Many thanks to Kristen and allowing me to come back and get some more fabulous photos of her trio of adorable boys!  And I really have to give it up to her, what an amazing job she does staying cool, calm, and collected, baby on hip, no matter how loud or how crazy things are around her!  I admire that!  So here are the boys, with emphasis on the lil guy…  enjoy!

You may remember Ryan from an earlier post… the majority of the shoot was to get some more photos of this precious, youngest brother!

*updated – new photo*

*updated – love this one in b&w*

Here is a photo of big brother Alex… he wants to be on A.I. some day… so we did some headshots…  which I didn’t even have to pose…  LOL – love him!

Here’s one of Ben.  Ben is a mover, and a shaker…  to say the least.  hehe

Last but not least… the pups!  Jake is the Boxer and Bugsy is the shaggy guy!

*update – new photo*

I will finish it with my second favorite… my first favorite is the one I got of Kristen and her boys but I promised her no photos of her on the blog!  Sad Day.  hehe

Thanks for looking!

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