About HH

Hello all visitors and thank you for checking out my blog!

About me?  Well, hmmm…

Currently a technology teacher, I’ve always enjoyed art and being creative.  While obtaining my degree in Meteorology from Plymouth State University I took a Photo I class and thrived in it.  After winning two shows sponsored by our professor’s colleague, I realized that photography might be something I could really do… and enjoy!

I began shooting in 2007 and have been steadily increasing business and improving my skills year after year!  I look forward to meeting new clients and being challenged by new situations.  I love photographing weddings and children and families!  Kids are so fun and really let you know how they feel!  LOL  I’ve been told more than once to leave, go home, or go play (aka get out of my face) and I love it!  I also love getting those smiles and smugness that are typical of “the age.”

In the time that I’m not working or photoging or momming, I enjoy working out, curling up with my laptop on the couch and being an internet junkie or watching a movie, reading, and mostly hanging out with my family and dogs Luna & Neptune!

Thanks again for visiting!




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