Now that 2012 has come to an end…

Welcome back!
hear that?   ….crickets….  yum!
busy season is over!

So now I present you with all of the lovely cherub and family sessions from this fall and winter (in no particular order)!
Stay tuned for a few more HHP weddings that I will be blogging in the next few weeks as well!

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Kicking things off with El’s future prom date… baby J!


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What did you do this summer?

Hey!  Long time no see!
My apologies for not blogging away in the past few months!  Obv lil Miss Elise takes up a large amount of my “free time” now… so to make up for it I have a bunch of great photos of awesome people from various shoots this summer!  I have a BUSY fall coming up (half of my weddings for the entire season take place in the next 9 weeks!) so make sure to like Holly Haddad Photography on Facebook so you don’t miss any teasers or sneak peaks!

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Congrats Mark & Sally!

First wedding of the season!  Woo!
Kicking of the 2012 wedding season with a fun filled day uniting Mark and Sally!  And boy was it a hot one!  Crazy getting these hot days in May!   You may remember Mark and Sally from our Colt State engagement session…
We started out at St Louis de France where the beautiful ceremony was held, had a few formal stops, and finished up at Our Lady of Light for a fun reception!
Sally looked amazing and Mark and his boys def had a fun time.
Super excited for this years upcoming weddings!

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Welcome Back Zach, Maddie & Mason!

Happy Hump Day!
And it’s a short week (well for teachers anyways!)!
Please welcome back some of my favorite lil friends… Zach, Madison and Mason!  Love these guys and they are getting cuter and cuter!  Especially older brother Zach!
We had a fun lil afternoon in the backyard and got some great shots of these blue-eyed babes!  Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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What’s this? A new blog post?!

Hello loyal followers!

Welcome back!  I know I’ve committed a cardinal sin and have not posted a new blog post in over a month!  In my defense, I did not want to post any of your awesome holiday cards before they would arrive in the mailboxes of friends and loved ones!  So today, prepare to be amazed at a smorgasbord of images from all of my beautiful holiday clients from 2011.  Blogging should commence as normal from this point on!

Don’t forget, you can also follow me on Facebook!  Not only will you find sneak peaks, but also tips and tricks, as well as updates on what 2012 is going to bring to HHP…  wink wink…

Thanks again for being awesome and following Holly Haddad Photography!

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Welcome back Luke, Jake, Ella… and Emma!

Can you believe this October weather?!  I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed, but eh, where is the foliage?  LOL Normally we have a lot more color than we do now!
Anyhow, a few weeks ago I got to get some shots of one of my favorite families!   Luke, Jake, and Ella had a shoot with me last year about the same time as this year, but this year they added cousin Emma into the mix!  We headed over to Duxbury Beach and got some great shots of them in action… and boy do I mean IN ACTION.  There was very little sitting still for this group!  But I love all of the images we got that day!
Thanks mom and dad for having me be your photographer again!

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Lauren & Donovan… Mr & Mrs!

On the eve of Irene, Lauren and Donovan tied the knot!  And not with out a premature hotel closure and enough humidity to melt a wedding cake!  Lauren and Donovan are clearly loved by their friends and family as the wedding of these two had plenty of funny and heartwarming moments.  These two crazy kids are def deeply in love with each other and their day was a reflection of this.  So without further adieu I will stop yapping and let you see the wonderful event Marissa and I were lucky enough to cover!

Congrats Lauren & Donovan!

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Meet Eri, Leona, and Tor!

Have I got a fancy double feature for you tonight or what?!
First up are Eri, Leona, Tor and their beautiful momma!  What a great family!  Dad is in the military and away at the moment, so we are going to do a few sessions to keep him in the loop!  And hopefully a family shoot when he gets home as well!  These guys were fabulous and very thankful to grandpa for being enthusiastic and entertaining!  Can’t wait to get in our next session!

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The G Family!

There are few things in this world I love more than repeat clients…  def in the top five.  These guys are not only repeat clients – Mom, K, is also a great at referring me to new customers!  Did you know that if you refer me to five new clients who book a shoot – you yourself earn a FREE SHOOT?  Yeah, not a penny.  Yeah it’s that easy!  Just tell them to make sure they mention your name in the email/phone call etc… and after five – you get almost any type of shoot on me (weddings and events not included)!  Make sure to “Like” Holly Haddad Photography so your friends can easily pass it on!  That being said… enjoy the photos of the G Family and don’t forget to book those Holiday Shoots!  It IS September after all!

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