Meet Ivy Belle!

Hi!  Welcome back!  Meet Ivy!  She is my niece!  Yay!  My husband’s sister and her husband made the cutest lil baby girl!  And Elise is so excited to have a baby cousin!  Ivy is so sweet and don’t you just LOVE that name???  I’m cranking away at the lovely weddings I have to edit before July ramps up and gets busy!  Stay tuned and don’t forget to Like Holly Haddad Photography on FB so you don’t miss even one, tiny, lil, super cute, teaser!

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What did you do this summer?

Hey!  Long time no see!
My apologies for not blogging away in the past few months!  Obv lil Miss Elise takes up a large amount of my “free time” now… so to make up for it I have a bunch of great photos of awesome people from various shoots this summer!  I have a BUSY fall coming up (half of my weddings for the entire season take place in the next 9 weeks!) so make sure to like Holly Haddad Photography on Facebook so you don’t miss any teasers or sneak peaks!

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A Very Special Welcome to HHP’s own Elise Karima!

It is with great pride I introduce our daughter, Elise Karima.
Wow – it is a crazy thing, this parenthood idea.
As I type this, my awesome husband Sami is on his laptop and we work, content and lighthearted as lil Miss Elise sleeps in her hospital bassinet and every now and then we smile as we hear her quiet, lil squeal as she startles herself awake.
Good stuff.
Obv I can’t sit still and had to get some newborn photos and I couldn’t be more pleased with them!  Elise was born on May 4th at 3:47AM, 20 hours post induction.  She weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 21 inches long.  Daddy got to give her her first bottle.  Swoon.
We are so excited to go home tomorrow and start our new lives and introduce Shelby to her new BFF.  lol
We couldn’t be more appreciative of the love and support we’ve received from our family and friends and are super excited to introduce her to all of you.
Thanks again, and as always… Enjoy…

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What’s this? A new blog post?!

Hello loyal followers!

Welcome back!  I know I’ve committed a cardinal sin and have not posted a new blog post in over a month!  In my defense, I did not want to post any of your awesome holiday cards before they would arrive in the mailboxes of friends and loved ones!  So today, prepare to be amazed at a smorgasbord of images from all of my beautiful holiday clients from 2011.  Blogging should commence as normal from this point on!

Don’t forget, you can also follow me on Facebook!  Not only will you find sneak peaks, but also tips and tricks, as well as updates on what 2012 is going to bring to HHP…  wink wink…

Thanks again for being awesome and following Holly Haddad Photography!

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Happy First Birthday Lyla!

Ok so I’m a wee bit behind on this blogging thing… been super busy shooting and editing!
But while I wait for the Hubby to come home and enjoy the (last of the season?) steaks  on the grill, I will try and squeeze out one or two!

Meet Lyla!  Her mom and dad went to high school with me and she is a spitting images of them both.  Seriously.  She is a super cutie and loves her cell phone!
We took these photos on Lyla’s first birthday!  How fun!

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Meet Mason & Kiley!

A few weeks back I got to meet Mason and his little sister Kiley!
These two are super cute and boy did Mason give his mom and I a run for the money!  Kiley was sweet and super cute!  We had a fun afternoon and glad I got some good shots of these cuties!

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Meet Samantha!

Introducing Baby Samantha!  Samantha is the niece of friend of mine and boy is she a cutie!  Her mom and aunt had a bunch of great props for some awesome shots!  Poor Samantha isn’t allowed to be a Patriots fan!  She has to wear Eagles gear.  LOL  Her daddy is a fire fighter and we got some great shots of Miss Samantha with his gear!  I’m so excited to show these off as this little munchkin is so flipping cute!  She is def going to be spoiled by her doting auntie for a looong time!  LOL – thanks for having me over ladies!


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Welcome Baby Elin!

Ahh – nothing like a LONG weekend!  Four days of no school ahead!  Hopefully the weather cooperates so we can get a few last days of riding in before the summer completely disappears!
Anyhow… here are some photos of baby Elin!  What a lil sweetheart!  Elin’s mom and I have known each other since elementary school!  We did her shoot at about a week and half old and she made sure to leave her mark by being the first to pee on mom and dad’s new couch!  Whoops!  So without further adieu… Miss Elin!   

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Summer fun with Josh, Cal, and Georgia!

Welcome back!  I know all this blogging is crazy!  Just catching up on a lil summer back up!
I love my clients, I love going to their houses and catching the munchkins in their environment and showing their personalities!  Josh, Cal, and Georgia were no different!  Their mom is a friend of mine and quite the artistic lady!  These are just a few of my favorite photos from the shoot!  Thanks again L for having me!

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