The H Family!

Brrr!  Seriously – I love how quickly the seasons change here in New England!  NOT.  I already miss summer and hate winter.  Grr.

K – enough pity party – care to see a super cute family?
Too bad, showing you anyways!
These guys were straight out fabulous, even the dog.  Lil baby Graham was a rockstar and big sister Lyda was a lil sweetheart!  Not to mention mom and dad were wonderful and very helpful!
So instead of being a blabber mouth… I’ll just show you!

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Welcome Baby Elin!

Ahh – nothing like a LONG weekend!  Four days of no school ahead!  Hopefully the weather cooperates so we can get a few last days of riding in before the summer completely disappears!
Anyhow… here are some photos of baby Elin!  What a lil sweetheart!  Elin’s mom and I have known each other since elementary school!  We did her shoot at about a week and half old and she made sure to leave her mark by being the first to pee on mom and dad’s new couch!  Whoops!  So without further adieu… Miss Elin!   

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Meet Elena and Joey’s Family!

A few weeks ago I had the chance to photograph two lil cuties and their fabulous parents!  Elena is a great big sister to lil Joey!  We also got to get in a bunch of family shots in Jen’s parent’s beautiful backyard!  Thanks for having me to get some shots of your family – you guys are beautiful!

Enjoy – and have a great weekend if I don’t see ya!

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Jessica & Jaclyn!

Another steamy summer day and another miss of the thunderstorms.  Grrr.  On the bright side…  here are two lil cuties to improve your Monday night!  Jessica and Jaclyn are twins!  They are super cute and it’s always fun getting two at once!  I love these outdoor summer shoots!

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Summertime with Landon!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love repeat customers?  hehe  Kristie and Shaun and one of my absolute favorites as Mr. Landon is as charming as he is handsome!  We hung out in Grandma’s yard and got some great family shots!  Grandma had the lil rocking horse fully restored for her lil monkey Landon!  And… Landon is going to be quite the swimmer!  He was showing off on the grass and he has a mean breast stroke!  As always, thanks for having me to photo this cute lil guy!

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Happy First Birthday Brooke!

Meet Brooke!  What a cutie!  Brooke and I got to hang out and get some fun shots for her one year photos!  Brooke had this cute lil scrunched up face that was fabulous.  Plus, Miss Brooke had some great lil outfits and loved to push her Radio Flyer around the yard!  Super cute!


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Welcome Lily and Zoey!

Welcome back!  It’s been quite some time!  Schoooools out for summer!  Yesssah!

So my first blog of the summer goes to Zoey and Lily!  Zoey and Lily are the cutest lil twin girls of our good friends Aaron and Carolyn.  Facts about Zoey and Lily:  

  • Lily and Zoey were born at 27 1/2 weeks and weighed 1lb 15oz and 2lb 1oz
  • They are almost 6 months old!
  • Lily and Zoey are super identical (though Zoey has a lil more meat on her lol)
  • Zoey is still on oxygen and Lily only at night
  • At 5 months old they witnessed a glorious day in Boston history… go B’s!
  • They have a bulldog brother, Baxter
  • Their parents are madly in love with these two lil cutie pies!

So enjoy the photos as I certainly enjoyed taking them!  Oh and have a great weekend!

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Hello Grady!

Hello and welcome back!  What a nice change of temperature, though I  must admit it is a tiny bit cold for June!  Anyhow, last weekend I had the chance to photograph lil Grady – who just has these incredible eyes!  We had a fun little photo shoot and I loved the expressions I was getting from the little guy!  Thanks to Katelyn for allowing to photo her little man!  Enjoy!

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Cousins Emma & Lucas!

Wow what a fun week!  I just got back from 4 days in NYC with 130 8th graders!  This was my fourth or fifth (lost count) going and this year it was HOT.  Real hot.  But we survived and now I bring you some new photos for your viewing pleasure!  Here is lil Miss Emma – who is not really so little and now a big one year old girl!  Emma is a repeat customer!  <3  Here are her newborn photos and her Baptism photos.  For this photo shoot, her cousin Lucas made an appearance – and boy was it worth it cuz he is a handsome lil boy!  We had a great time trying out different outfits and props for these two cuties.  Miss Emma has these big beautiful brown eyes, they just grab you, and lock you in!  I’m so happy I got to do another shoot with Emma and got to meet Lucas.  Thanks again Stacey – you are awesome and I always look forward to the fabulous outfits you have for Emma!

Have a great weekend… and enjoy!

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