Meet Baby Jackson!

Hi!  Guess what day it is?!  Hahaha sorry…
Meet Jackson!  Jackson and I met a few weeks ago and he was super cute and snugly for his session!  Jackson is about four weeks old in these photos and his mom and dad are madly in love!  And who couldn’t be with that handsome lil face!  Jackson’s dad is very musically inclined and mom is fantastically fashion forward!  I had a great time meeting these guys and hope you enjoy the photos!
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Meet Cohen!

Welcome back and Happy Monday!
As you can tell… photos season is slowly beginning again!  Hopefully I’ll be able to crank out a bunch of work before I slow down towards mid-April til about mid-June!
Anyhow – meet Cohen!  What a cutie!  He was a huge smiler and has the most perfect lil mouth!  Perfect cupid’s bow!  Love it!
So have a great week… and Enjoy!
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Welcome Aaron!

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone had a great short week!  I did!  Now sitting here editing, blogging, elbow resting on the sleeping Shelbinator, wine on table, America’s Best Dance Crew on TV… you guessed it!  Sami is away for the night!  lol was it the MTV that gave it away?!  lol  I have to admit I don’t watch a lot of MTV – but this show?  Kills me – these kids are so freaking talented!  Love it and it always makes me smile!

Speaking of smiles… or rather, lack there of… here’s Aaron!  Mr Super Serious.  LOL  I did get a few smiles out of him but man he was a tough sell!  What a cutie!  With that blonde hair and chubby lil face!   And when Aaron is not happy?  The Lip.  What a lip.  He sticks it out and let’s you know – “fix it, or else.”   Thankfully, The Lip, only came out a few times.

So, I hope your Friday night is going as well as mine – and if not, I’m sure Aaron’s photos will make a lil better!  Have a great weekend!

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Welcome Ryan!

Yay for spring!  What a great few days it’s been, let’s hope it continues!

Here are some photos from this weekend of newborn Ryan!  Boy does Ryan have some hair or what?!  WOW.  And what a good little boy he was!  Congrats to Mel and Doug on this cutie pie!

Enjoy and have a fabulous long weekend!

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Congrats Nicky & Mark!

This past weekend I had the lovely opportunity to take my friend Nicky’s maternity photos.  And what a beautiful subject she is!  Only four lil weeks to go and from the back?  You’d never guess!  And you know what else?  She is a kickboxing instructor, still, as in I took her class on Saturday.  WOW  You go girl, you look AMAZING!  I swear she’s gonna have a lil boy ninja!  Enough enough I know… so here ya go… enjoy!

*UPDATE!  – See the baby in THIS belly here!

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Welcome Mikey and Hello Maddie!

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Anyways – here are some photos of my recent shoot of Maddie and Mikey!  OMG these two were so cute!  Maddie took a lil while to come out of her “shell” but once she realized that the cute lil girl on the back of my camera was her… well then she wanted to pose, and see, and pose, and see.  lol and what a great big sister she is going to be!  Lots of kisses and love for lil Mikey!  Beautiful kids, beautiful home, and great outfits?!  What more can a photographer ask for?!  Thanks Jenny and Mike for having me photograph your adorable lil off-spring!  Enjoy!

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