A Holly Haddad Photography 2019 Family Session Round Up!

Happy Vacation week! Figured I’d share some images of non weddings from my 2019!  This is not nearly all of them, but a few of the families I was fortunate enough to photograph in 2019.  Also a handful from my … Continue reading

Meet Baby Lucy! <3 A Newborn Shoot

And now for something totally different!
I know I’ve been slacking on blogging my portrait sessions and yes I do feel badly about it.  But, with like a thousand of them coming up in October, I feel now is a good time to flex these blogging fingers and get cracking!
And how awesome, but to start this new found blogging enthusiasm with a dear friend’s sweet little baby girl!  Meet Lucy!  Mom and dad were a bride and groom of mine and Mom’s sister is one of my fabulous BFF’s!  Baby Lucy posed for her first shoot on her two week birthday and after a bit of rocking by mom snoozed for us and got some super cute photos!

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Meet Baby Jackson!

Hi!  Guess what day it is?!  Hahaha sorry…
Meet Jackson!  Jackson and I met a few weeks ago and he was super cute and snugly for his session!  Jackson is about four weeks old in these photos and his mom and dad are madly in love!  And who couldn’t be with that handsome lil face!  Jackson’s dad is very musically inclined and mom is fantastically fashion forward!  I had a great time meeting these guys and hope you enjoy the photos!
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Meet Ivy Belle!

Hi!  Welcome back!  Meet Ivy!  She is my niece!  Yay!  My husband’s sister and her husband made the cutest lil baby girl!  And Elise is so excited to have a baby cousin!  Ivy is so sweet and don’t you just LOVE that name???  I’m cranking away at the lovely weddings I have to edit before July ramps up and gets busy!  Stay tuned and don’t forget to Like Holly Haddad Photography on FB so you don’t miss even one, tiny, lil, super cute, teaser!

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Now that 2012 has come to an end…

Welcome back!
hear that?   ….crickets….  yum!
busy season is over!

So now I present you with all of the lovely cherub and family sessions from this fall and winter (in no particular order)!
Stay tuned for a few more HHP weddings that I will be blogging in the next few weeks as well!

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Kicking things off with El’s future prom date… baby J!


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