The C Family is growing!

Welcome back!
Here’s another beautiful maternity session!  This one was shot at Borderland’s Park in Easton which is always gorgeous for photos and this day was no exception!  It was one of the first days over 30 in a LONG TIME.  So that was fabulous!  Momma was a trooper trudging through the ankle deep snow!  All in all it was a great day and I’m super excited to be shooting the newest edition in April!

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The T Family is growing!

Welcome back!  It’s been a little while but ’tis the season!
Meet the Taiwo family.  Super sweet, extremely photogenic, and very excited to be welcoming a baby girl this spring!
We planned this shoot and hoped and prayed for there to be snow on the ground.  Well, we must have done  a good job, because not only was there snow ON the ground there was also snow in the air!  Fabulous!  Nothing spells amazing light quite like snow everywhere!  It started to fall pretty heavy towards the end but it was so fun to shoot in!  I’m super excited to share these with you!  And be sure to “Like” Holly Haddad Photography on Facebook to see teasers and previews before they are posted here!  Quite a few maternity shoots in production!

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Goodbye 2010!

Well – better late then never!  That is, in regards to my holiday blog post!  LOL – took me a lil bit to finally get around to editing these photos but here are some personal photos of the holiday around the Haddad House!

Best wishes in 2011 my loyal readers!

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Tis the Season – updated!

Yay for the holidays!

Sneaking up on us AGAIN!  Amazing how every year it seems to surprise everyone in New England when the first snow falls and when mid-December hits…  You’d think it was something new…  Anyways, heres to a great end to 2009!  Here are a few photos from our slowly-being-decorated house…  lol, there should be a few more photos up after this weekend!  Thanks!

Our First Tree!

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