Goodbye 2010!

Well – better late then never!  That is, in regards to my holiday blog post!  LOL – took me a lil bit to finally get around to editing these photos but here are some personal photos of the holiday around the Haddad House!

Best wishes in 2011 my loyal readers!

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Congrats Stephanie & Neil!

My last wedding of the 2010 season was for Stephanie and Neil at Independence Harbor in Assonet and it was festive!  I.H. was decorated for the holidays and made for a beautiful setting.  It was a cold November day and the ceremony was in the early evening.  Everything was gorgeous including the bride and groom – wow.  The vineyard theme was elegant, the speeches and toasts were light and heartfelt, and crowd was full of dancing machines!  So enjoy these photos and have a great holiday!  Congrats Stephanie and Neil!

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My WMS Loves!

ho ho ho!  yup it’s almost that time of year!  time to be thankful and show your appreciation for those around you who help make you who you are.  I’m making this blog ‘specially for my co-workers at Whitman Middle School for their support and continued pursuance of Holly Haddad photographing their children!  These are some of the cutest kids known to man – no joke.  Each one has taught me something new, or presented a new challenge, and is continuing to help me become a “real photographer.”  I owe so much to these little… and not so little! girls and boys and hopefully their moms, dads, and grandmas will allow them to continue to be my lil subjects into the next decade!  So without further adieu (in no particular order)… here are the 2010 Holly Haddad Photography WMS cherubs!   Thanks again and I love you guys!

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It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year!

Time sure does fly!

It’s almost October and that means the cold weather and the need for some fabulous family photos becomes apparent!

Unfortunately there is only one of me available to help  you fill this need!

So as an early booking incentive I am offering a FREE 8×10 to anyone who emails or calls me to book their holiday photos BEFORE October 25th!

But wait!  there’s more!

Refer a friend to me and I”ll upgrade that to an 11×14 for you and an 8×10 for your friend!

Please contact me via email… or phone… 508 493 4173 before October 25th to get your free print!

Tis the Season – updated!

Yay for the holidays!

Sneaking up on us AGAIN!  Amazing how every year it seems to surprise everyone in New England when the first snow falls and when mid-December hits…  You’d think it was something new…  Anyways, heres to a great end to 2009!  Here are a few photos from our slowly-being-decorated house…  lol, there should be a few more photos up after this weekend!  Thanks!

Our First Tree!

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Amy and Jeff’s Wedding!

How fun!

I had a great time capturing Amy and Jeff’s wedding this past weekend!  Everything was beautiful and it was a good kick off to the holiday season!

Here are a few quick shots… I’ll be updating this as the week goes on!

Congrats guys!

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