My WMS Loves!

ho ho ho!  yup it’s almost that time of year!  time to be thankful and show your appreciation for those around you who help make you who you are.  I’m making this blog ‘specially for my co-workers at Whitman Middle School for their support and continued pursuance of Holly Haddad photographing their children!  These are some of the cutest kids known to man – no joke.  Each one has taught me something new, or presented a new challenge, and is continuing to help me become a “real photographer.”  I owe so much to these little… and not so little! girls and boys and hopefully their moms, dads, and grandmas will allow them to continue to be my lil subjects into the next decade!  So without further adieu (in no particular order)… here are the 2010 Holly Haddad Photography WMS cherubs!   Thanks again and I love you guys!

First up… the beautiful trio of sisters… Mia, Lucy, and Olivia!

next up… twins!  Camryn and Caelin!

next up… miss Emma!

can’t forget about Emma’s “sister”  Cleo!

next up… Mr Braeden!

and Braeden’s “brother” Cosmo!

and now for something completely different… senior photos with Miss Jennifer!

and here is the Naylor Family!

here are grandchildren Brianna and Brandon!

and next… Liam and Avery!

next presenting lil grandson Landon…

and Landon’s “sister” Penny…

and the youngest of the bunch… Mr Dean!

here’s a lil of our extended WMS Family… Nick & Lucy!

Oh!  I can’t forget my own lil babies… Ratchet and Shelby!  lol

Thanks again for your support and have a great, fabulous, fantastic holiday!

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