A Holly Haddad Photography 2019 Family Session Round Up!

Happy Vacation week! Figured I’d share some images of non weddings from my 2019!  This is not nearly all of them, but a few of the families I was fortunate enough to photograph in 2019.  Also a handful from my … Continue reading

C gets a brother! Welcome Baby N!

Hi!  Happy 2016!  Welcome back!
The winter is always super slow which is a nice break from the hefty schedule of the remainder of the year!  If you haven’t been there yet – be sure to visit and Like Holly Haddad Photography on Facebook as I do post a ton of teasers and photos on their that may not make it to the blog!  I do love photography but as a teacher/photog/wife/mom/human who needs sleep I don’t always get around to blogging each and every session!  I’d love it if I could!  But sharing via FB is also a good way for you to see your images right away and share in any way you deem fit!

Anyhow… This year I started off with some of my favorite people!  Helena and Bryan have been loyal clients since engagement and I was so happy to capture their second little boy last week!  Little baby Noah was 2 weeks old and such a cute little peach!  Big brother Christian was very excited to have his photos taken and I had a great little visit with family!  So please do enjoy this perfect little family!  <3


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The S Family!

Happy Weekend!  Well for me anyways!  Squeezing the life out of these last few weeks of summer!
Say hello to the S Family!  Friends from high school, shooter of their wedding, and now I get to shoot their gorgeous family of four!  Wow how times change!  I met these guys at Colt State Park on a gorgeous summer afternoon. Stacey and Kevin got married at Colt State Park four years ago this summer!   We tried so hard to get a sunny day but after two cancellations we just went for it.  I’m glad we did, we got a beautiful early evening and some fabulous photos!

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Meet The Powers Family!

Welcome back!  Happy Friday!  Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Remember, it’s not just about the cookouts and the unofficial start of summer, it’s also about those who we have lost fighting for our country!
Meet the Powers Family!  A super sweet and HIGHLY energetic family!  They even introduced me to a new place, Paradise Valley Park in Middletown, RI.  What a nice little park!  With a windmill and some open fields it made the perfect spot for a New England photos shoot!  That being said… enjoy!

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Happy First Birthday Drew!

Hello all!  Welcome back on this beautiful Tuesday!
Please help welcome back Drew and Addison to the blog!  They are frequent fliers of Holly Haddad Photography, which I love!  Thanks mom for allowing me to capture your precious little ones!  They are so totally adorable and so much fun to photograph!  Check out some of their past shoots here, and here (and there’s even a session or two i didn’t blog! gasp!)!
And now here’s a baby in Sperry’s and a tie for you to enjoy!

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Hello K Family!

Meet the K Family!
This is my first time photographing (as my husband says shooting people is bad) this beautiful family!  I had met them through the awesome F Family and was super psyched when they contacted me for a family session!  I was even more excited when I learned that I could shoot them right after the A Family at the same location!  ESPECIALLY after I arrived and fell in love with Weir River Farm!
So without further adieu… Enjoy!

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The F Family!

Hi again!  Should I spoil it and tell you there will prob be one more post today?  LOL  Catching up feels great!
Welcome back F Family!  Another family reaching their third year of Holly Haddad Photography!  I LOVE IT!  I’d be nothing without my amazing clients!
This beautiful family was shot in Easton at Sheep’s Pasture!  Another awesome location for photos.  These two lil munchkins always, SUPER cute!  It’s so fun to watch kids grow and add in new siblings… and grow some more!  I’m going to throw in a few “throwback” shots of older sister C… not sure if mom planned it, but the similarities are uncanny!

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Welcome Back A Family!

What day is it?!
HA – kidding… overkill.
Welcome back!  I’m glad you stopped in to enjoy a few photos of a family in it’s third year of photography with HHP!  These guys love the beach and we’ve done that for a few years, but this year we had to wait a bit longer and we decided on non-beach.  I requested a site, they said Weir River Farm, I arrive and said wooooah.  I started at the wrong end of it and met a few chickens, a giant hog, a few sheep and a goat and two sweet dogs!  Then I was summoned to the other entrance thinking, well, gee, I hope it’s as nice…  and as I drove up the hill it kept getting nicer and nicer and Hello Boston!  Wow what a view!  I’m so glad the A Family suggested it!  Thank you for showing me something new and awesome!  So I’ll stop blabbering now and get on with the show!

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Fall Mini-sessions!

(that was my best ghost impression… how’d I do?)
Hi!  Happy Halloween!
Welcome to HHP‘s first ever Autumn Mini-Sessions!  Wow – why didn’t I do this in the past!  The feedback so far has been phenomenal!  I’m so happy!  This is def something I might have to continue… maybe even bi-annually!  We had a gorgeous day that started out bright and early at 830!  Marisa helped me keep the wheels rolling, everyone was on time, and happy!  Thanks time a million billion to everyone who attended!  I would be nothing without the awesome clients who ask me to capture their families!  Especially to those where this is the second, third, or even fourth year of having me photograph yourself and your adorable munchkins!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  <3<3<3
Without further adieu… enjoy these teasers of some amazing families!

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The B Family!

Welcome back!
Meet the B Family!  I was so fortunate to be introduced to them by my bff’s mom (Thx Mrs Mc!) and I am so happy I was!  These guys were seriously TOO CUTE.  This was their first ever family shoot and they, um, nailed it!  We also got a couple of shots of W for his fourth birthday!
Thanks for having me B Family!

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