The S Family!

Happy Weekend!  Well for me anyways!  Squeezing the life out of these last few weeks of summer!
Say hello to the S Family!  Friends from high school, shooter of their wedding, and now I get to shoot their gorgeous family of four!  Wow how times change!  I met these guys at Colt State Park on a gorgeous summer afternoon. Stacey and Kevin got married at Colt State Park four years ago this summer!   We tried so hard to get a sunny day but after two cancellations we just went for it.  I’m glad we did, we got a beautiful early evening and some fabulous photos!

Handsome Beefcake Jordan!

Crazy Calee!

Funny – we wanted to grab the same shot, obviously being unable to control the weather, we figured this was close.  Didn’t realize til I got home that I messed up and they weren’t center but to the left… so my thought is – bear with me here – in a few years we’ll shoot just the kids all the way to the right and make a big ol’ panoramic???  LOL

Thanks again for being fabulous S Family!

Thanks for looking!

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