Meet the Sorrenti Family!

Welcome back!
This post is so special!  Meet the entire Sorrenti Family!  The matriarch of the family is a super recently retired secretary of  WMS (my alter ego).  And let me tell you something about that little lady, she is awesome.  I’ve worked with her since I started at WMS and whatever punches we threw at her she masterfully handled.  From new computer systems to new teachers and everything in between.  She is a super special lady and everyone at WMS felt exactly the same.  Part of her retirement gift was a session for her entire family, who she adores.  And the reverse is also true as I had to juggle Jeannine’s calls along with her daughters as they were simultaneously planning a surprise night out that she had no idea about!  But it worked!  What a sweet family!  I’m truly blessed to have worked with such an amazing woman and I think I speak for almost everyone at school when I say she will be dearly, dearly missed.
Now, enjoy this gorgeous family!

The Grandparents and their gorgeous grandchildren!

We will miss you Jeannine and I’m so glad I got to meet the rest of your family!

Thanks for looking!

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