A Holly Haddad Photography 2019 Family Session Round Up!

Happy Vacation week! Figured I’d share some images of non weddings from my 2019!  This is not nearly all of them, but a few of the families I was fortunate enough to photograph in 2019.  Also a handful from my … Continue reading

Meet Kendra, Zach, Frankie, and Mason!

Welcome back!
I met up with these guys a few weekends ago and what a great group of kids!  Kendra is the oldest and is awesome at it, then comes Zach and Frankie, followed by lil cousin Mason!  This was one of the quickest shoots with four kids I’d ever had!  Kendra you rock and your help was awesome!  Mason and I have another shoot in a month or so for his first birthday!  Yay!

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Cousins Emma & Lucas!

Wow what a fun week!  I just got back from 4 days in NYC with 130 8th graders!  This was my fourth or fifth (lost count) going and this year it was HOT.  Real hot.  But we survived and now I bring you some new photos for your viewing pleasure!  Here is lil Miss Emma – who is not really so little and now a big one year old girl!  Emma is a repeat customer!  <3  Here are her newborn photos and her Baptism photos.  For this photo shoot, her cousin Lucas made an appearance – and boy was it worth it cuz he is a handsome lil boy!  We had a great time trying out different outfits and props for these two cuties.  Miss Emma has these big beautiful brown eyes, they just grab you, and lock you in!  I’m so happy I got to do another shoot with Emma and got to meet Lucas.  Thanks again Stacey – you are awesome and I always look forward to the fabulous outfits you have for Emma!

Have a great weekend… and enjoy!

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Family Photo Fun!

Welcome back and Happy Monday!

These photos are from a session I did a few weeks back… nine grandkids under the age of fourteen… but it worked out great!  Marisa and I got lots of great shots of the families posed, as well as candid!  What a great group of people to work with!  You guys were great and your kids were fabulous!   There was the promise of lollipops at the end but hey- what are you going to do?!  Thanks guys for a fun morning!  Enjoy!

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Fun with Lily and Dylan!

Happy Monday!

Welcome back and thanks for checking out the photos of cousins Lily and Dylan.  There must be good genes in that family because these are two good-looking kids!  I LOVE lil miss Lily’s outfit!  What a cute dress she had on!  And if you’ve ever had an older child have to pose with a much younger child, you’ll understand how poor Dylan felt as he sat calm and composed while we tried to get Lily to sit… look at me… AND smile!  What an awesome sport Dylan was!  Either way we got some great shots!


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The Shepardson Family!

A few weekends back I had the chance to photograph a friend of mine from high school (and elementary!) with her family for her grandmother’s 80th birthday!  What a crew!  We tried to do a lil Kennedy Park action, BUT the weather was NOT cooperative!  So we restored to… Casa de Haddad!  LOL – the empty apartment was a nice place to set up a backdrop and we even used the (mostly) snow free yard!  How nice!  I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did taking them!  Oh!  and props to my assistant, Ris, as she was key in keeping things running smoothly!  Thanks lady!


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The Pondelli Family!

This past weekend I spent some time (pre-Pats game that is) with a co-worker of mine’s family.  We found some nice spots at Island Park in Abington.  The whole Pondelli crew was present, three solid generations!  Two grandparents, three moms, three dads, and six kids under six.  WOW.  LOL – it made for a fun and entertaining session as not all little kids love having their photos taken!  Thanks so much for letting me photograph your beautiful family!  Enjoy!

<3 this sign!  Just tacked up on a tree when you enter the park…

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