What’s this? A new blog post?!

Hello loyal followers!

Welcome back!  I know I’ve committed a cardinal sin and have not posted a new blog post in over a month!  In my defense, I did not want to post any of your awesome holiday cards before they would arrive in the mailboxes of friends and loved ones!  So today, prepare to be amazed at a smorgasbord of images from all of my beautiful holiday clients from 2011.  Blogging should commence as normal from this point on!

Don’t forget, you can also follow me on Facebook!  Not only will you find sneak peaks, but also tips and tricks, as well as updates on what 2012 is going to bring to HHP…  wink wink…

Thanks again for being awesome and following Holly Haddad Photography!

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Goodbye 2010!

Well – better late then never!  That is, in regards to my holiday blog post!  LOL – took me a lil bit to finally get around to editing these photos but here are some personal photos of the holiday around the Haddad House!

Best wishes in 2011 my loyal readers!

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Welcome Landon!

You know you’re busy when…  I purchased a power inverter yesterday via Amazon so I can edit photos in the car during a road trip in a few weeks.  LOL, funny how “free time” has turned into editing time, with breaks for a lil Black Ops in between – hehe.

Anyways… more babies!  These are photos I took last week of a colleague’s grandson, Landon.  What a peanut!  He’s about ten days old here and a mover and a shaker!  We had a fun shoot with a few outfit changes and some potential Christmas card shots!  Also, cute pup Penny made a quick appearance!

This will prob be my last blog before the holiday (and my ten year high school reunion – yikes!) so Gobble Gobble and remember to wear your stretchy pants to dinner!


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Tis the Season – updated!

Yay for the holidays!

Sneaking up on us AGAIN!  Amazing how every year it seems to surprise everyone in New England when the first snow falls and when mid-December hits…  You’d think it was something new…  Anyways, heres to a great end to 2009!  Here are a few photos from our slowly-being-decorated house…  lol, there should be a few more photos up after this weekend!  Thanks!

Our First Tree!

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The Lapointe Boys!

Some new shots of Laointe Boys at http://dayzchic9.photoshop.com!

Here are a few shots of the lil Lapointe Boys…  will post more tomorrow, on my day off, in between Modern Warfare 2 games… hehe


Entertainment provided by Mommy! Thanks!

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