Goodbye 2010!

Well – better late then never!  That is, in regards to my holiday blog post!  LOL – took me a lil bit to finally get around to editing these photos but here are some personal photos of the holiday around the Haddad House!

Best wishes in 2011 my loyal readers!

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Babies Everywhere!

This past week we had a baby shower in honor of one of our dear teachers, Lisa and her first-born!  Make sure to check out her husband’s t-shirt… love it!  I snapped a few photos during the shower and then of lil Emma outside for a mini-fall inspired shoot.  I have a bunch of sessions coming up so make sure to check back frequently in the next few weeks… and months!

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Happy 1st Birthday Harrison!

Here are some very delayed photos of Harrison and friends for his first birthday party!  Needless to say the highlight was the (amazing) cake and Harrison’s initial reluctance turned pure joy at destroying his slice!  Overall it was a fabulous celebration, so I hope you enjoy the photos!

The amazingly handsome birthday boy, Harrison!

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