Goodbye 2010!

Well – better late then never!  That is, in regards to my holiday blog post!  LOL – took me a lil bit to finally get around to editing these photos but here are some personal photos of the holiday around the Haddad House!

Best wishes in 2011 my loyal readers!

Here are a few of the gifts under the tree!  Incase you don’t know, I’m incredibly shallow and care more about what’s outside the box than in!  LOL – I LOVE picking out a Christmas wrapping theme!  I take this year’s title from my mom’s comment… “Organic”  Raffia ribbon in olive and wine, tags from Etsy, and paper from Staples!

My favorite part of wrapping that night was when the 1/2 asleep husband goes, “Wait, you’re writing the To and From as well?!  No wonder it’s taking you three hours to wrap!  Damn Woman!”  hehe

Here is where I will mention my cat… Fattest Cat Alive.

If you look closely enough you can see my living room… gotta love that 2.8 from across the room!

So Christmas Morning is kinda a big deal… this is the second year we’ve done breakfast at our house and this year we had 13 people!  Yikes!  Breakfast consists of breakfast soufle (white bread, 2%, cheddar jack, eggs – bake for 90 mins in pan of water – is delish!) and fried dough… yes i know, my trainer was a lil BS when I told him I was having FRIED DOUGH on Christmas morning.  I neglected to tell him I add butter and cinnamen/sugar.  hehe  I don’t think he visits my blog.  : )

I find it slightly amusing that my three sisters all chose a different beverage and then proceeded to line their glasses up…  i only did a wee bit of adjusting!

And then came The Snow.  Heavy, wet, cold.  Emphasis on Heavy… as The Snow teamed up with The Wind to take out a 50 foot pine tree in my backyard.  It literally surrounded our neighbor’s car yet did NOT touch it!  wahoooo!  Nothing like a lil mid-winter landscaping making fire wood for the summer fires!

(a shout out to Lr Split Toning here – where have you been all my life?!?!)

And no HHP photoshoot would be complete without the Shelbinator!  Tearing up the snow… after she found and dug out her frisbee that is!

And last but not least… photo of the place I call Home <3 it.

Thanks for looking and have a great year!!!

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