Corey <3 Michelle… A Holy Name Church and Atlantica Wedding in SE Mass

Hello hello!  Happy Eclipse day!  How cool is that?!  I’m so stoked it is sunny out and we will actually get to see a partial solar eclipse!  In other news the summer is winding down, sad, but, c’est la vie. … Continue reading

Congrats Stephanie & Jay! A Chamberlain Farms Wedding!

Happy rainy Monday!  Maybe this blog post will cheer you up a bit… Stephanie and Jay were married a month ago today (Happy Anniversary guys!) on a perfect summer Saturday.  They were surrounded by their big beautiful family and tons of caring friends.  We capped off the evening with some dancing and some awesome fireworks.  Thanks so  much for having me guys!

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Congrats Andrea & Dave! A Chamberlain Farms Wedding

Hello and welcome!  It’s a stormy Wednesday in these parts and it’s fueling my fire!  (my Bachelor degree is in meteorology so a steamy summer storm is my favorite type of weather! :P) So, here’s Andrea and Dave!  Andrea is … Continue reading

Congrats Emily and Kenny! A Mountain View Grand Resort Wedding!

Welcome back friends!
Been a busy past few weeks and it seems like that trend is going to continue through year’s end!  But I’m loving it and love hearing how much you love your photos!  Totally makes all the hard work worthwhile!
Anyhow – meet Emily and Kenny… and Chase!
I got to travel up to Whitefield, NH for this fantastic wedding.  I work with the bride’s mother and have also photographed her son’s wedding waaaaay back in 2009!  So how nice it was to see everyone again and in such a gorgeous location.  The wedding was held at the Mountain View Grand Resort which was stunning in itself.  Also, the centerpieces and flowers were some of the most gorgeous I’ve seen.  Beautiful.  So many memorable moments, from Dad sharing a photo of a young bride and her flute to her unsuspecting groom, to the infamous BIL ripping his shirt off to not be one upped by Chase on the dance floor!  Who by the way did a great job playing best man all day, high five Chase, you rock.  I’m so so happy I got to be a part of Emily, Kenny, and Chase’s special day and wish them the best of luck!!!

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Congrats Audrey and Matt! A Barker Tavern Scituate Wedding!

Hey it’s Friday again!  Wooo!  Though being on summer vacation/maternity leave I’m a bit sad to see Friday’s as it is another week down and closer to leaving my bubs at daycare and going back to work!  Boo!
Annnyhow – meet Audrey and Matt!  What a fun couple with a ridiculously fun bunch of family and friends.  So many things about this wedding were awesome.  The weather was quintessential New England Summer, the guys and gals were stunning and the details were perfect.  And to boot, it was the day before one of my favorite holidays… and Audrey’s birthday!  How fun!  Mallory and I had our work cut out for us capturing the Best Man groove his way across the dance floor and the bride’s dad cut a pretty fancy rug to Rock Lobster (a song I didn’t know existed but now I don’t think I’ll ever forget all eight minutes of it!).  Best of luck to these two love birds!

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Tim <3 Sheila! A Pembroke Country Club Wedding!

Happy Friday Friends!
Meet Sheila and Tim!  They are a super fun couple who got married last month in Weymouth at St Albert the Great’s – followed by a high energy celebration at the Pembroke Country Club.  Mallory and I had a great time capturing these guys and let us tell you, they knew how to celebrate!  What a sweet, fun filled day!
Best of luck Tim and Sheila!


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Congrats Angela & Steve! A South County Museum Wedding!

Hi friends!
Long time no see!  Sorry!  Busy busy busy!
But – I could not NOT blog this fabulous couple!  See Angela and Steve are one in a million.  Angela and I went to the amazing Plymouth State University together and met through Recreation Programs.  She was one of my best Supervisors for Intramurals!  LOL  Needless to say we had a lot of fun during those three years we worked together.  Well, Angela met this amazing guy Steve, from South Africa, in California and they now live there with their furbaby Cowboy and run an amazing company called Slyde Handboards (check it out!!!).  Well they got married and Narragansett and guess who got to shoot their fun filled wedding?  THIS GIRL!  WOOOO!
So without further aideu… meet Angela and Steve!

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Congrats Kheley & Kyle! A Villa Wedding

Welcome back and happy Monday!
The fall season has commenced and is defiantly keeping me busy!  Lots of weddings this fall and so glad my mini-sessions filled up so quickly!

Meet Kheley and Kyle!  These two are awesome!  Their wedding was even more gorgeous then their engagement session!  We met up beforehand at the hotel and got some great getting ready shots!  Then we headed to The Villa in Bridgewater for the ceremony and reception!  Kheley and Kyle had the tent and it was a gorgeous setting to celebrate their big day!  The energy was high and vibe was full of love and support for the stunning bride and her handsome groom!  Really, honestly, me rambling is no comparison to seeing the beautiful day unfold!

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Congrats Liz & Jake! A Chamberlain Farm Wedding!

Welcome back!  Sorry for the delay… small computer blip, lots of colorful language, but alas, this fabulous blog post.  Let’s not let that rain on the parade of happiness I’m about to share with you.  Liz and Jake were that beautiful couple who’s engagement session I shared a few weeks back.  The two crazy kids tied the knot among a fabulous group of friends and family at Chamberlain Farm in Berkeley, MA.  I was a bit shocked that this was my first wedding at a great venue super close to home.  Even through the rain and wet grounds, the staff worked hard to keep it safe and beautiful.  The day started of with A LOT of rain.  But, thankfully, the heavy stuff was out of the way by mid afternoon!  That left us with some lingering clouds and mist… twist my arm says the photographer!  The rain didn’t stop any of the love and support for Liz and Jake.  What a sweet event to be a part of.  Liz’s dad is a retired florist who did a phenomenal job with the flowers and the maple syrup favors!  Friends make the romantic cake and guests mad libbed a personalized message to Liz and Jake.  This topped off with a super fireworks display.  Wow.  If that isn’t starting off the rest of your life on the right foot I don’t know what is!  Enough banter!  Onto the photos!
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Congrats Beth & David! A Sky Room Wedding…

Happy Wednesday!

Here are two fabulous people who were recently untied in marriage!  Beth and David had a warm sunny day for their nuptials at the Sky Room in New Bedford.  This is the second wedding I’ve done with this awesome group of friends and they are SO MUCH FUN!  LOL  Enjoy the last day of super humid weather!  Yay summer!

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