Corey <3 Michelle… A Holy Name Church and Atlantica Wedding in SE Mass

Hello hello!  Happy Eclipse day!  How cool is that?!  I’m so stoked it is sunny out and we will actually get to see a partial solar eclipse!  In other news the summer is winding down, sad, but, c’est la vie.  Next comes PATRIOTS!  WAHOO!  It’s not so bad after all!

Meet Corey and Michelle!  I was Michelle’s middle school teacher.  Yikes.  As cool as it was to be asked to shoot Michelle’s wedding, I feel about as young as Betty White right about now.  :P  But, behold, Corey and Michelle, an unbelievably cute couple and their equally as adorable off spring Alanna.  The day started wet and cool, and ended up sunny and gorgeous.  What an awesome day for these two.  So honored to have been part of their big day!

Thanks for looking and best of luck Michelle and Corey! <3

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