The S Family!

Happy Weekend!  Well for me anyways!  Squeezing the life out of these last few weeks of summer!
Say hello to the S Family!  Friends from high school, shooter of their wedding, and now I get to shoot their gorgeous family of four!  Wow how times change!  I met these guys at Colt State Park on a gorgeous summer afternoon. Stacey and Kevin got married at Colt State Park four years ago this summer!   We tried so hard to get a sunny day but after two cancellations we just went for it.  I’m glad we did, we got a beautiful early evening and some fabulous photos!

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The O Family is Growing!

Sit down for this… two blog posts in consecutive days!  What?!  Yes I’m serious!
This is a super special post as K, momma to be, is a co-worker of mine and big sister G is a friend of my own daughter!  I was so happy when she asked me to do her shoot!  Being the champion Pinner that she is I KNEW there were def be a few special shots, and though they didn’t all “work” we did get some fabulous shots of this awesome family!  We started out at Island Grove Park in Abington on, oh gee, maybe one of the coldest days this year???  LOL  Don’t get me wrong, the snow is beautiful, but it was a wee bit chil- ARCTIC.  But we persevered (big kudo’s to G here for holding it together so well!) and got some super fun shots!   After Island Grove we headed back to home base for a few more shots and I think they came out spectacularly!  Buuuut I won’t hold you up any longer… see for yourself!

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Hello K Family!

Meet the K Family!
This is my first time photographing (as my husband says shooting people is bad) this beautiful family!  I had met them through the awesome F Family and was super psyched when they contacted me for a family session!  I was even more excited when I learned that I could shoot them right after the A Family at the same location!  ESPECIALLY after I arrived and fell in love with Weir River Farm!
So without further adieu… Enjoy!

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Welcome Avery and Jaxon!

Hey!  Welcome back!
I’m a blogging machine today!  Kidding, lol, this will be the last for today!
Anyhow, big welcome to Avery and Jaxon!  Their mom and I played field hockey for good ol’ SHS back in the day!  Ahhh memories!
Anyhow, check out these ridiculously cute children!  Jaxon is going to be a great big brother to super cute Avery!

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Personal… Elise is already one!

Whaaaat?!  Serious?  Wow.
Yup, my own daughter has turned one.  I am mom to a toddler.  Say what?!
Can you tell I’m in disbelief?
Besides that, I’m SO GLAD that I have done her monthly shoots.  I’ve complied them into a super short video, which I will post below.  I also shot her cake smash with the “You Are My Sunshine” theme.  Big thanks to my sister Heather for her cake, Jennifer from Confetti Grove  for the awesome clouds garland background, and My Lil Sweetie Boutique for the super cute headband!  Also her tutu was made by my good friend Charli over at Twinning with a Toddler, that is both two month and twelve month tutu’s!  Gotta love Etsy for its amazing custom products!
Enjoy and Happy Hump Day!
: )

Gah – one of my fav’s!

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Meet Ava!

Welcome back!
It’s been a busy time of year!  My own lil munchkin turns one this weekend!  YIKES.  But I’m so happy because she is awesome (sigh, just like her Momma)!
Anyhow… meet Ava!
She is a super cute, super energetic 16 month old!  LOL  We had a fun time trying to catch her and take her photo!

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Welcome Back Samantha and Hello Baby Abigail!

Welcome back friends!
Happy Vernal Equinox!
(insert grumbles about groundhog here)

Introducing Abigail and her big sister, (and HHP alum) Samantha!   These two are going to give mom and dad a run for their money!  Our session was awesome and I love mom’s creativity!  If you don’t smile while looking through these photos, then I feel bad for you cuz the cuteness level is off the charts!  Thanks again to Auntie K for the recommendation!


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Welcome Back Zach, Maddie & Mason!

Happy Hump Day!
And it’s a short week (well for teachers anyways!)!
Please welcome back some of my favorite lil friends… Zach, Madison and Mason!  Love these guys and they are getting cuter and cuter!  Especially older brother Zach!
We had a fun lil afternoon in the backyard and got some great shots of these blue-eyed babes!  Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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Meet The B Family!

My last post for the evening is of some fresh meat!  LOL – meet the B family!
I was seriously enchanted by these little girls and their fabulous hair!
The super cute sisters are Alyssa and Kate – and we had fun at their house getting some shots with mom and dad!
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