The O Family is Growing!

Sit down for this… two blog posts in consecutive days!  What?!  Yes I’m serious!
This is a super special post as K, momma to be, is a co-worker of mine and big sister G is a friend of my own daughter!  I was so happy when she asked me to do her shoot!  Being the champion Pinner that she is I KNEW there were def be a few special shots, and though they didn’t all “work” we did get some fabulous shots of this awesome family!  We started out at Island Grove Park in Abington on, oh gee, maybe one of the coldest days this year???  LOL  Don’t get me wrong, the snow is beautiful, but it was a wee bit chil- ARCTIC.  But we persevered (big kudo’s to G here for holding it together so well!) and got some super fun shots!   After Island Grove we headed back to home base for a few more shots and I think they came out spectacularly!  Buuuut I won’t hold you up any longer… see for yourself!

The ladies of the house…

The lovely fam!

LOL we tried to do the blowing snow poof buuuut wasn’t ideal for an almost three year old!  However, how can you deny this smile?!


On to a warmer location!

Thanks for looking and best of luck O Family!!!

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