A Holly Haddad Photography 2019 Family Session Round Up!

Happy Vacation week! Figured I’d share some images of non weddings from my 2019!  This is not nearly all of them, but a few of the families I was fortunate enough to photograph in 2019.  Also a handful from my … Continue reading

C gets a brother! Welcome Baby N!

Hi!  Happy 2016!  Welcome back!
The winter is always super slow which is a nice break from the hefty schedule of the remainder of the year!  If you haven’t been there yet – be sure to visit and Like Holly Haddad Photography on Facebook as I do post a ton of teasers and photos on their that may not make it to the blog!  I do love photography but as a teacher/photog/wife/mom/human who needs sleep I don’t always get around to blogging each and every session!  I’d love it if I could!  But sharing via FB is also a good way for you to see your images right away and share in any way you deem fit!

Anyhow… This year I started off with some of my favorite people!  Helena and Bryan have been loyal clients since engagement and I was so happy to capture their second little boy last week!  Little baby Noah was 2 weeks old and such a cute little peach!  Big brother Christian was very excited to have his photos taken and I had a great little visit with family!  So please do enjoy this perfect little family!  <3


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Welcome Baby Emma!

Hi!  Thanks for visiting!
Let me introduce Miss Emma.  The little sister of handsome Jacob!  You may remember his fantastic smile from their family’s maternity shoot this spring.  Emma is a perfect little baby with some gorgeous blonde hair.  I had a fun time with these guys again capturing their newly expanded family.  Thanks for having me!
Enjoy sweet Emma!

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Happy First Birthday Ashlynn!

Happy Friday friends!!!
What a great week it’s been and I am super excited for the weekend!  Aerosmith on a Wednesday and Queen on Saturday?  Umm… I’d call that a fantastic week!  Not to mention these unbelievable summer days we’ve been having.  Amazing just a few short months ago we were still trapped in that ridiculously cold spring!  Love me some summer!
And, I also love, super cute kids who take awesome photos!  LOL  Meet Ashlynn!  She is a peach!  I walked in and she came right over to hang out!  We had a fantastic session and here are a few of my favorites to share!
Have a great weekend!

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Happy First Birthday Drew!

Hello all!  Welcome back on this beautiful Tuesday!
Please help welcome back Drew and Addison to the blog!  They are frequent fliers of Holly Haddad Photography, which I love!  Thanks mom for allowing me to capture your precious little ones!  They are so totally adorable and so much fun to photograph!  Check out some of their past shoots here, and here (and there’s even a session or two i didn’t blog! gasp!)!
And now here’s a baby in Sperry’s and a tie for you to enjoy!

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Personal Post… My “Baby” is Two!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  (or Cinco de Drinko as a past me used to call it…)  Now it comes in a different form as my day yesterday was filled with sweets and activities for my daughter’s birthday!  Yes my daughter was born on Star Wars day, something she will always be reminded of.  I like to joke that Sami stresses out over Star Wars day, but that’s just because he has to choose just ONE Star Wars shirt to wear ALL day…  this can be a painstaking decision.  Anyways – I’d love to share a few shots of my brand new two year old.  Cake smashes are for one year olds (even though in all honestly I think a two year old would have way more fun) and I have an idea for three, but nothing for two.  Did a lil internet research and came up with a balloon/party themed shoot.  Pair this with a cute tutu (upcycled from Halloween), new bright red chucks, and a cute peace sign onsie (aka two! – thanks hubby for the great idea) for a super fun shoot!  I had originally thought maybe some confetti, then my sanity rang the bell and I decided I was okay with not cleaning up hundreds of tiny little pieces of paper.  The shoot did take some time to set up.  People keep asking how… well – blew up the balloons and taped them to the wall in an every other pattern so that they sort of nestled into each other.  I tied some fishing line up and hung some ribbon from it to give the ribbons a 3D effect.  It was def a challenge to get a 23 month old to sit and smile AND look at the camera.  Bribery came over to play for the first time and that helped tremendously!  Then the hubby came home and helped get just a few more smiles!   One question I do have is… who the heck taught my kid to duck face?!  : P


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Welcome baby Violet!

Welcome back!
But seriously, when is this “winter” going to end? ::grumble grumble::  Anyhow… remember this gorgeous couple?  Um, so here is their gorgeous off spring… baby Violet!  Soooo flipping cute.  It was a great visit with a past bride, client, and now mom (and her awesome sister!).  These couples mean so much to me!  It makes me all warm and fuzzy when they ask me to photograph their most precious achievement!   Big thanks to mom and dad for allowing me to capture this beautiful lil peanut!  <3
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The O Family is Growing!

Sit down for this… two blog posts in consecutive days!  What?!  Yes I’m serious!
This is a super special post as K, momma to be, is a co-worker of mine and big sister G is a friend of my own daughter!  I was so happy when she asked me to do her shoot!  Being the champion Pinner that she is I KNEW there were def be a few special shots, and though they didn’t all “work” we did get some fabulous shots of this awesome family!  We started out at Island Grove Park in Abington on, oh gee, maybe one of the coldest days this year???  LOL  Don’t get me wrong, the snow is beautiful, but it was a wee bit chil- ARCTIC.  But we persevered (big kudo’s to G here for holding it together so well!) and got some super fun shots!   After Island Grove we headed back to home base for a few more shots and I think they came out spectacularly!  Buuuut I won’t hold you up any longer… see for yourself!

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Lauren (& Derek’s) Maternity Shoot!

Happy Rainy Thursday!
Nice to see ya!
I’m so excited to share these photos with you!  I don’t do a ton of maternity shoots, so I was a bit nervous about this one, especially as Lauren is a family friend!  Def don’t want to mess that up!  But lo and behold, it came out great!  Having a gorgeous momma to be, and her very handsome hubby def make my job a lot easier!  LOL  Best of luck Lauren and Derek!  Go Team Green!  (but my vote is it’s a lil miss!)

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Fall Mini-sessions!

(that was my best ghost impression… how’d I do?)
Hi!  Happy Halloween!
Welcome to HHP‘s first ever Autumn Mini-Sessions!  Wow – why didn’t I do this in the past!  The feedback so far has been phenomenal!  I’m so happy!  This is def something I might have to continue… maybe even bi-annually!  We had a gorgeous day that started out bright and early at 830!  Marisa helped me keep the wheels rolling, everyone was on time, and happy!  Thanks time a million billion to everyone who attended!  I would be nothing without the awesome clients who ask me to capture their families!  Especially to those where this is the second, third, or even fourth year of having me photograph yourself and your adorable munchkins!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  <3<3<3
Without further adieu… enjoy these teasers of some amazing families!

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