Personal Post… My “Baby” is Two!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  (or Cinco de Drinko as a past me used to call it…)  Now it comes in a different form as my day yesterday was filled with sweets and activities for my daughter’s birthday!  Yes my daughter was born on Star Wars day, something she will always be reminded of.  I like to joke that Sami stresses out over Star Wars day, but that’s just because he has to choose just ONE Star Wars shirt to wear ALL day…  this can be a painstaking decision.  Anyways – I’d love to share a few shots of my brand new two year old.  Cake smashes are for one year olds (even though in all honestly I think a two year old would have way more fun) and I have an idea for three, but nothing for two.  Did a lil internet research and came up with a balloon/party themed shoot.  Pair this with a cute tutu (upcycled from Halloween), new bright red chucks, and a cute peace sign onsie (aka two! – thanks hubby for the great idea) for a super fun shoot!  I had originally thought maybe some confetti, then my sanity rang the bell and I decided I was okay with not cleaning up hundreds of tiny little pieces of paper.  The shoot did take some time to set up.  People keep asking how… well – blew up the balloons and taped them to the wall in an every other pattern so that they sort of nestled into each other.  I tied some fishing line up and hung some ribbon from it to give the ribbons a 3D effect.  It was def a challenge to get a 23 month old to sit and smile AND look at the camera.  Bribery came over to play for the first time and that helped tremendously!  Then the hubby came home and helped get just a few more smiles!   One question I do have is… who the heck taught my kid to duck face?!  : P





Lastly, one with her awesome Daddy!


Thanks for looking!
Have a great week!

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