Welcome baby Violet!

Welcome back!
But seriously, when is this “winter” going to end? ::grumble grumble::  Anyhow… remember this gorgeous couple?  Um, so here is their gorgeous off spring… baby Violet!  Soooo flipping cute.  It was a great visit with a past bride, client, and now mom (and her awesome sister!).  These couples mean so much to me!  It makes me all warm and fuzzy when they ask me to photograph their most precious achievement!   Big thanks to mom and dad for allowing me to capture this beautiful lil peanut!  <3

This one’s for auntie Karyl : )

Love this idea! Baby Violet’s amazing Aunt made this for her baby shower and all of the attendee’s finger printed it! It also says Violet in the bark! How sweet and unique?

Thanks for looking and best of luck to L and S!

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