Casey <3 Kate! A Summer Chamberlain Farms, Berkley Wedding

Another day another blog post! Kate and Casey’s wedding was one of my favorite this year.  There was just so much love and such a high level of comfort among themselves and their friends and families, it was wonderful.  Plus, … Continue reading

Congrats Liz & Jake! A Chamberlain Farm Wedding!

Welcome back!  Sorry for the delay… small computer blip, lots of colorful language, but alas, this fabulous blog post.  Let’s not let that rain on the parade of happiness I’m about to share with you.  Liz and Jake were that beautiful couple who’s engagement session I shared a few weeks back.  The two crazy kids tied the knot among a fabulous group of friends and family at Chamberlain Farm in Berkeley, MA.  I was a bit shocked that this was my first wedding at a great venue super close to home.  Even through the rain and wet grounds, the staff worked hard to keep it safe and beautiful.  The day started of with A LOT of rain.  But, thankfully, the heavy stuff was out of the way by mid afternoon!  That left us with some lingering clouds and mist… twist my arm says the photographer!  The rain didn’t stop any of the love and support for Liz and Jake.  What a sweet event to be a part of.  Liz’s dad is a retired florist who did a phenomenal job with the flowers and the maple syrup favors!  Friends make the romantic cake and guests mad libbed a personalized message to Liz and Jake.  This topped off with a super fireworks display.  Wow.  If that isn’t starting off the rest of your life on the right foot I don’t know what is!  Enough banter!  Onto the photos!
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