Happy 3rd Birthday Chandler!

Welcome back!
There’s nothing like being invited to a client’s three year old’s birthday party, with a bug theme, in a gorgeous park, to take photos.  They call this work???  LOL
Regardless I had a fun time on a beautiful afternoon celebrating Chandler’s third birthday with her awesome family!
So, please… enjoy!
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Jessica’s Sweet Sixteen!

Another thing I love about photography?  Learning new cultures!  Jessica’s Sweet Sixteen was a new culture for me and what a good time I had!  Plus, I got to try out my backdrop again… with steamer!  LOL  I took lots of “formal” shots of the guests.  Those photos can be found and downloaded here:  http://www.photoshop.com/users/dayzchic9 or you can email me (hollyhaddadphotography@gmail.com) and I can send the photo to you!

Thanks for a fun night and Happy Birthday Jessica!

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Happy 1st Birthday Harrison!

Here are some very delayed photos of Harrison and friends for his first birthday party!  Needless to say the highlight was the (amazing) cake and Harrison’s initial reluctance turned pure joy at destroying his slice!  Overall it was a fabulous celebration, so I hope you enjoy the photos!

The amazingly handsome birthday boy, Harrison!

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