Happy 3rd Birthday Chandler!

Welcome back!
There’s nothing like being invited to a client’s three year old’s birthday party, with a bug theme, in a gorgeous park, to take photos.  They call this work???  LOL
Regardless I had a fun time on a beautiful afternoon celebrating Chandler’s third birthday with her awesome family!
So, please… enjoy!
The Birthday Girl!

Chandler’s adorable baby sister Harper!  Anyone need some cheeks?

This one is one of my favorites!

Chandler’s mom also did a great job “warning” people I’d be there, so there was no shortage of coordinating outfits and super adorableness.

Not to mention Chandler’s own family!

One of my fav family photos ever!

Thanks for looking and have an amazing long weekend!
Don’t forget to thank those that have protected us and our freedom!  <3

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