Happy Easter!

Well after a small photo hiatus – I will be pretty busy in the next few weeks… yay!

Today was a beautiful Easter Sunday – warm and sunny – finally!  What a nice day to hang out with family and friends!  First off to the husband’s side for a lil grill action and then to my family for dessert!  Kudos to my talented little sisters for the fabulous desserts!  I will be thinking of you ladies during my workout tomorrow!  After today’s festivities I had a quick engagement shoot with my sister-law, Lindsey, and her fiancée, Peter.  They will be getting married in December of this year!  Congrats guys!  Can’t wait!!!

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Kiewit Open House

On 10.10.10 I got to photograph the Dominion Open House which was hosted at the Brayton Point Station.  During the open house, Kiewit ran school buses and gave tours of the five hundred foot tall closed loop cooling towers they are building to reduce the temperature of the water going back into the bay.  These are some of my favorites from the day… excuse the redundancy of the cooling tower photos but they are huge and very impressive.   Enjoy!

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The Lapointe Boys!

Some new shots of Laointe Boys at http://dayzchic9.photoshop.com!

Here are a few shots of the lil Lapointe Boys…  will post more tomorrow, on my day off, in between Modern Warfare 2 games… hehe


Entertainment provided by Mommy! Thanks!

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