Meet Braylyn & Ella!

Welcome back on this long weekend!
Here are some photos of cute Braylyn and her baby sister Ella!  These two were great and so beautiful!  We visited War Memorial Park in Bridgewater for these and it never ceases to disappoint!

Enjoy these two cuties!
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Cousins Emma & Lucas!

Wow what a fun week!  I just got back from 4 days in NYC with 130 8th graders!  This was my fourth or fifth (lost count) going and this year it was HOT.  Real hot.  But we survived and now I bring you some new photos for your viewing pleasure!  Here is lil Miss Emma – who is not really so little and now a big one year old girl!  Emma is a repeat customer!  <3  Here are her newborn photos and her Baptism photos.  For this photo shoot, her cousin Lucas made an appearance – and boy was it worth it cuz he is a handsome lil boy!  We had a great time trying out different outfits and props for these two cuties.  Miss Emma has these big beautiful brown eyes, they just grab you, and lock you in!  I’m so happy I got to do another shoot with Emma and got to meet Lucas.  Thanks again Stacey – you are awesome and I always look forward to the fabulous outfits you have for Emma!

Have a great weekend… and enjoy!

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Happy Easter!

Well after a small photo hiatus – I will be pretty busy in the next few weeks… yay!

Today was a beautiful Easter Sunday – warm and sunny – finally!  What a nice day to hang out with family and friends!  First off to the husband’s side for a lil grill action and then to my family for dessert!  Kudos to my talented little sisters for the fabulous desserts!  I will be thinking of you ladies during my workout tomorrow!  After today’s festivities I had a quick engagement shoot with my sister-law, Lindsey, and her fiancée, Peter.  They will be getting married in December of this year!  Congrats guys!  Can’t wait!!!

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