What’s this? A new blog post?!

Hello loyal followers!

Welcome back!  I know I’ve committed a cardinal sin and have not posted a new blog post in over a month!  In my defense, I did not want to post any of your awesome holiday cards before they would arrive in the mailboxes of friends and loved ones!  So today, prepare to be amazed at a smorgasbord of images from all of my beautiful holiday clients from 2011.  Blogging should commence as normal from this point on!

Don’t forget, you can also follow me on Facebook!  Not only will you find sneak peaks, but also tips and tricks, as well as updates on what 2012 is going to bring to HHP…  wink wink…

Thanks again for being awesome and following Holly Haddad Photography!

First up (and above) the L Family!

Liam and Avery…

The S Family…

Kendra’s Senior Photo Session…

Miss Nora…

Camryn & Caelin!

Two of my favorite M siblings… Maddie and Mikey!

Thea, Shane, Brandon, & Reese!

Cece and Ben!

The L Family…

Mr Landon!

Makaia & Monica

Miss Daisy and her new brother Luke!

Lil Olivia and Family…

Jack, Kasey, Kaitlyn, James, Bryce, Liam, & Nolan!

Baby Charlotte!

Grace and Nate…

Emma & her new baby brother Grady!

And lastly… lil Jake Declan!

(that last one may be an all time fav…)

Wow – there are a lot of good-looking people on my blog!  LOL

Thanks again for being awesome clients and I am looking forward to capturing your families in 2012!  Have a great year!

Thanks for looking!

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