Welcome Landon!

You know you’re busy when…  I purchased a power inverter yesterday via Amazon so I can edit photos in the car during a road trip in a few weeks.  LOL, funny how “free time” has turned into editing time, with breaks for a lil Black Ops in between – hehe.

Anyways… more babies!  These are photos I took last week of a colleague’s grandson, Landon.  What a peanut!  He’s about ten days old here and a mover and a shaker!  We had a fun shoot with a few outfit changes and some potential Christmas card shots!  Also, cute pup Penny made a quick appearance!

This will prob be my last blog before the holiday (and my ten year high school reunion – yikes!) so Gobble Gobble and remember to wear your stretchy pants to dinner!


Here is Penny!

And lastly a family shot!

Thanks for looking!

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