Fun with Lily and Dylan!

Happy Monday!

Welcome back and thanks for checking out the photos of cousins Lily and Dylan.  There must be good genes in that family because these are two good-looking kids!  I LOVE lil miss Lily’s outfit!  What a cute dress she had on!  And if you’ve ever had an older child have to pose with a much younger child, you’ll understand how poor Dylan felt as he sat calm and composed while we tried to get Lily to sit… look at me… AND smile!  What an awesome sport Dylan was!  Either way we got some great shots!


and my fav from the shoot…

Thanks for looking!

One thought on “Fun with Lily and Dylan!

  1. Hi Holly, These pictures are great, but being the proud “memere”, I may be just a bit biased. Erin and Billy were very happy with the pictures and said you were incredibly patient and professional.
    How would I buy some prints?
    Thanks so much,
    Madeleine (Karyl’s friend from the gym)


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