Third Times the Charm with Miss Cameron!

Welcome back!  Come on April – please bring warm sunshine and green grass!  I’m homesick for summer!  In the meantime I’ll just keep snapping and editing photos of all these cute lil babies and families I have lined up!  So let’s start with lil Cameron.  Took three trips out to her house but we made it happen… boy did we make it happen!  With such a cute face and so many flipping cute expressions I ended up with tons of awesome photos!  So here is a small number of the awesome photos of Miss Cameron!  Enjoy!

this next one I accidentally bounced off of my RED Jeep hoodie (<3) so the color was all banged up.  but – i worked on it and i kinda like how it turned out!

Ok – so all of the next ones are my favorite.  Couldn’t pick just one!

and really – seriously – beyond cute – i can’t even muster up words to describe…

lol – hope you enjoyed!

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thanks for looking!

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