Third Times the Charm with Miss Cameron!

Welcome back!  Come on April – please bring warm sunshine and green grass!  I’m homesick for summer!  In the meantime I’ll just keep snapping and editing photos of all these cute lil babies and families I have lined up!  So let’s start with lil Cameron.  Took three trips out to her house but we made it happen… boy did we make it happen!  With such a cute face and so many flipping cute expressions I ended up with tons of awesome photos!  So here is a small number of the awesome photos of Miss Cameron!  Enjoy!

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Hello Again Landon!

Monday!  Again?!  I’m posting this as I take a short break in between loads four AND five of laundry.  Ouch – it’s a wonder there are still clothes in our drawers…  (me thinks it’s time for a Salvation Army drop off)

Oh well… here is a lil something that hopefully makes it a lil sweeter!

Landon is back and boy is he handsome?!  He’s got these BIG blue eyes and a big toothless grin!  Plus – he enjoys munching on his own toes!  Yum!  This was Landon’s second shoot with me and he just seems to get cuter and cuter.  Hope these easy the pain of Monday!  Enjoy!

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