Welcome Reese!

Nothing like a repeat week!  Is it May or March?  Seriously!

Anyhow – here is a lil smiley sunshine!  Lil Reese, so precious!  Reese is five weeks old and stayed sleeping peacefully for most of the shoot!  We were at Reese’s GREAT-grandmother’s home and loved the multiple generations chair we used for some of the photos!  Reese’s mom is a repeat customer (three cheers!) and you may remember her beautiful face from our pre-Reese maternity shoot.  Reese was fabulous, had the cutest lil outfit, and even gave me some sleepy smiles!  Thanks again Jill and enjoy!

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Welcome back Dean!

Hola!  Happy Cinqo de Mayo!

Warning!  These photos will make you smile!

How fitting that I publish the Spanish teacher’s son today!  LOL  This lil guy was so freaking cute!  This is Dean’s second shoot with HHP – his newborn photos can be found here!  Do you know what the best part about repeat clients is?  When you go to their houses and you see YOUR photos on their walls!  LOVE IT!  hehe  I loved this lil guy’s room – made for some fabulous photos!  And grandma and grandpa being there didn’t hurt either!


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Hello Again Landon!

Monday!  Again?!  I’m posting this as I take a short break in between loads four AND five of laundry.  Ouch – it’s a wonder there are still clothes in our drawers…  (me thinks it’s time for a Salvation Army drop off)

Oh well… here is a lil something that hopefully makes it a lil sweeter!

Landon is back and boy is he handsome?!  He’s got these BIG blue eyes and a big toothless grin!  Plus – he enjoys munching on his own toes!  Yum!  This was Landon’s second shoot with me and he just seems to get cuter and cuter.  Hope these easy the pain of Monday!  Enjoy!

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