The Pondelli Family!

This past weekend I spent some time (pre-Pats game that is) with a co-worker of mine’s family.  We found some nice spots at Island Park in Abington.  The whole Pondelli crew was present, three solid generations!  Two grandparents, three moms, three dads, and six kids under six.  WOW.  LOL – it made for a fun and entertaining session as not all little kids love having their photos taken!  Thanks so much for letting me photograph your beautiful family!  Enjoy!

<3 this sign!  Just tacked up on a tree when you enter the park…

Thanks again guys you have a beautiful family!

Thanks for looking!

One thought on “The Pondelli Family!

  1. Holly,
    The session you had with the Pondelli’s turned out to be amazing. Each picture was better than the next. I can’t wait for you to photograph my family! Great job!


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