Welcome Back A Family!

What day is it?!
HA – kidding… overkill.
Welcome back!  I’m glad you stopped in to enjoy a few photos of a family in it’s third year of photography with HHP!  These guys love the beach and we’ve done that for a few years, but this year we had to wait a bit longer and we decided on non-beach.  I requested a site, they said Weir River Farm, I arrive and said wooooah.  I started at the wrong end of it and met a few chickens, a giant hog, a few sheep and a goat and two sweet dogs!  Then I was summoned to the other entrance thinking, well, gee, I hope it’s as nice…  and as I drove up the hill it kept getting nicer and nicer and Hello Boston!  Wow what a view!  I’m so glad the A Family suggested it!  Thank you for showing me something new and awesome!  So I’ll stop blabbering now and get on with the show!

Warning here – the cuteness of these two kids is unreal!!!

LOL  These faces!!!

Thanks again for having me A Family!
And thanks for looking!

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