The F Family!

Hi again!  Should I spoil it and tell you there will prob be one more post today?  LOL  Catching up feels great!
Welcome back F Family!  Another family reaching their third year of Holly Haddad Photography!  I LOVE IT!  I’d be nothing without my amazing clients!
This beautiful family was shot in Easton at Sheep’s Pasture!  Another awesome location for photos.  These two lil munchkins always, SUPER cute!  It’s so fun to watch kids grow and add in new siblings… and grow some more!  I’m going to throw in a few “throwback” shots of older sister C… not sure if mom planned it, but the similarities are uncanny!


Ok so here’s a few of big sis C and lil sis H… the shots of C were shot while momma was pregnant with H!
Big sis C:

Lil sis H:


Ok – one more…
Big sis C:

Lil sis H:

HAHA how funny?!  Love it Mom!

How’s this one to end on…

LOL – love the faces!  All three of them!  Thanks F Family for having me!

Thanks for looking!

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