Welcome Mikey and Hello Maddie!

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Anyways – here are some photos of my recent shoot of Maddie and Mikey!  OMG these two were so cute!  Maddie took a lil while to come out of her “shell” but once she realized that the cute lil girl on the back of my camera was her… well then she wanted to pose, and see, and pose, and see.  lol and what a great big sister she is going to be!  Lots of kisses and love for lil Mikey!  Beautiful kids, beautiful home, and great outfits?!  What more can a photographer ask for?!  Thanks Jenny and Mike for having me photograph your adorable lil off-spring!  Enjoy!

Series of photos of Maddie – lol – so glad she warmed up to me!

Finally – my fav of the two munchkins!

Awesome kids Jenny and Mike!

Thanks again for looking!

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