Welcome back Maddie & Mikey!

Uh, who’s having a productive Sunday?  Oh oh me!  LOL  Up for a second round?  Here’s Maddie & Mikey for the second HHP shoot!  Maddie is a pure beauty.  Her lil green eyes are so captivating!  And Mikey is going to really appreciate his super helpful big sister Maddie one day!  We enjoyed a great lil afternoon in their backyard with some awesome summer sunshine!  So if you are ready for a second shot of super cute… enjoy!

So costume change time starts like this…

Then we had small progress…

And ends up like this sweet lil angel…

…for a second… LOL Love it!

these two crack. me. up. hehe

and lastly my fav from the afternoon!

Thanks again for having me capture these cuties!

And thanks for looking!

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