Welcome Aaron!

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone had a great short week!  I did!  Now sitting here editing, blogging, elbow resting on the sleeping Shelbinator, wine on table, America’s Best Dance Crew on TV… you guessed it!  Sami is away for the night!  lol was it the MTV that gave it away?!  lol  I have to admit I don’t watch a lot of MTV – but this show?  Kills me – these kids are so freaking talented!  Love it and it always makes me smile!

Speaking of smiles… or rather, lack there of… here’s Aaron!  Mr Super Serious.  LOL  I did get a few smiles out of him but man he was a tough sell!  What a cutie!  With that blonde hair and chubby lil face!   And when Aaron is not happy?  The Lip.  What a lip.  He sticks it out and let’s you know – “fix it, or else.”   Thankfully, The Lip, only came out a few times.

So, I hope your Friday night is going as well as mine – and if not, I’m sure Aaron’s photos will make a lil better!  Have a great weekend!

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Hello Addison – Edited!

About a week ago I got to meet precious Addison.  WOW, this baby might have been the most wide awake and well behaved I’ve had so far!  LOL, plus she had on baby skinny jeans… really?  Yes really and it was adorable.  So enjoy these photos of beautiful Addison and have a great weekend!

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