Babies Galore!

Welcome back!

Here are some images I got from a shoot a few weeks ago.  There were three lil cuties, Emma, Ava, and Addison, two cake smashes, and one busy photographer!  Emma and Ava did cake smashes for their first birthday, while Addison got in a few photos in her Christening dress and a couple with mom and dad!  All in all it was a fun day and we got lots of great images to prove it!


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Hello Addison – Edited!

About a week ago I got to meet precious Addison.  WOW, this baby might have been the most wide awake and well behaved I’ve had so far!  LOL, plus she had on baby skinny jeans… really?  Yes really and it was adorable.  So enjoy these photos of beautiful Addison and have a great weekend!

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The Swett Family!

Photos are taking over my life… but it’s okay!  I love it!  LOL, it’s funny when you start thinking things like, gee, I’m madly in love with my 2.8 70-200 lens, ALL THE TIME.  haha  really though I do love photography and enjoy the happiness it brings to my clients as well!  This is a good thing as I have much editing and blogging in addition to FINALLY getting around to making my own wedding album/prints!  Yes, that was exactly seven months ago today… yowza time does certainly fly!

Anyways, here are my photos of the Swett Family.  Zach was such a good brother to his twin brother and sister, Mason and Madelyn.  Mason is technically the older of the two yet is not nearly as plump as Madison!  WOW does she have some cheeks!  LOL  What a great family!  Enjoy!

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