Introducing Miss Emma Rae!

Yay!  Emma was a lil late and had us truly wondering how long a baby can refuse to come out for!  But she’s here!  Cute and pink with a round lil belly.  Emma refused to go to sleep. She also really didn’t seem to like me all that much… my humor was not impressing her.  I’m sure there will be many more opportunities to get Emma to smile… and to sleep!  Enjoy!

Ok so we’ll end it with my favorite sequence ever.  I’m going to title it, “Progression of a Yawn.”  Creative, I know.

LOL – thanks for looking!

6 thoughts on “Introducing Miss Emma Rae!

  1. Hi Holly,
    Great job! In the one where Chrissy is feeding Emma, she looks so much like Chrissy! They’re all my favorites~


  2. First, OMG!! She is sooooo beautiful! Congrats to Chrissy and Matt.

    Second, Holly, the pictures are awesome! I am so excited to get Braeden’s pictures done next week.


  3. Welcome, Emma Rae! You’re as beautiful as your mom. Each picture is better than the one before, if that’s possible.

    What a lucky little girl, to have such wonderful parents and grandparents.

    Aunt Donna


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