Congrats Nicky & Mark!

This past weekend I had the lovely opportunity to take my friend Nicky’s maternity photos.  And what a beautiful subject she is!  Only four lil weeks to go and from the back?  You’d never guess!  And you know what else?  She is a kickboxing instructor, still, as in I took her class on Saturday.  WOW  You go girl, you look AMAZING!  I swear she’s gonna have a lil boy ninja!  Enough enough I know… so here ya go… enjoy!

*UPDATE!  – See the baby in THIS belly here!

First off… check out this gorgeous room!  Love the Jungle Theme!!!

and my personal favorite… thanks for joining us Roxy!

Congrats you guys are awesome!

oh and ps…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for looking!

2 thoughts on “Congrats Nicky & Mark!

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