White’s of Westport Bridal Fashion Show!

Wow – two blogs in two days!  Go me!  This posting is part one of a two… maybe three part post.  I’ve been doing detail, fashion show, and other shots during the bridal shows for the host of the shows.  This time around it was White’s of Westport for the Fun 107 Bridal Expo.  During the Expo there are two fashion shows, these are photos from the first show.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend both (Happy Birthday Heidi!) and that left me VERY disappointed as the dresses and the models were fabulous!  I also lucked out and was able to grab a chair towards the back and hop up onto it for a pretty sweet vantage point.  Enjoy the photos!

*please do not crop or remove the watermark if you are “borrowing” for your own use*
*kindly shoot me an email and I will send you an unwatermarked version”


These are in chronological order (except for the top one… that one came last!)… and in total there are about 95 photos… if you were a model and would like to see more of yourself please email me (use the numbers you see when you hover over the photo to tell me who you are!) and I will get back to you!  Thanks!

Phew – hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for looking!

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