Welcome Lily and Zoey!

Welcome back!  It’s been quite some time!  Schoooools out for summer!  Yesssah!

So my first blog of the summer goes to Zoey and Lily!  Zoey and Lily are the cutest lil twin girls of our good friends Aaron and Carolyn.  Facts about Zoey and Lily:  

                        • Lily and Zoey were born at 27 1/2 weeks and weighed 1lb 15oz and 2lb 1oz
                        • They are almost 6 months old!
                        • Lily and Zoey are super identical (though Zoey has a lil more meat on her lol)
                        • Zoey is still on oxygen and Lily only at night
                        • At 5 months old they witnessed a glorious day in Boston history… go B’s!
                        • They have a bulldog brother, Baxter
                        • Their parents are madly in love with these two lil cutie pies!

So enjoy the photos as I certainly enjoyed taking them!  Oh and have a great weekend!

ok – any loyal follower knows my obsession with the canine species.  mix one in with some cute babies?  heaven!  love these next few!
(but i have to save my fav for last so make sure to keep scrolling!)

best leg warmers EVER!

and drumroll please… my fav of the session. . .

Thanks for looking and congrats on these awesome babies Carolyn and Aaron!

3 thoughts on “Welcome Lily and Zoey!

  1. Holly, I LOVE these pictures! They are soooooooooo cute. From one twin mom to another…Congrats! It’s the best thing in the world!


  2. Holly these photos are awesome , what a pleasure it must be to have such beautiful babies for a photo shoot.
    karen gariepy


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