Summertime with Landon!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love repeat customers?  hehe  Kristie and Shaun and one of my absolute favorites as Mr. Landon is as charming as he is handsome!  We hung out in Grandma’s yard and got some great family shots!  Grandma had the lil rocking horse fully restored for her lil monkey Landon!  And… Landon is going to be quite the swimmer!  He was showing off on the grass and he has a mean breast stroke!  As always, thanks for having me to photo this cute lil guy!

Check out the frog in Grandma’s pond!

Drumroll please…  my favorite from the shoot…

Thanks for looking!

2 thoughts on “Summertime with Landon!

  1. Holly you do such fantastic work! Thank you for taking these photos so everyone can see just how handsom Landon is with his beutiful blue eyes!!!


  2. What beautiful pictures you took of Landon, you captured his true personality which is delightful. Looking at these pictures put a smile on my face with every picture. Great job.

    Auntie Susan


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