A Very Special Welcome to HHP’s own Elise Karima!

It is with great pride I introduce our daughter, Elise Karima.
Wow – it is a crazy thing, this parenthood idea.
As I type this, my awesome husband Sami is on his laptop and we work, content and lighthearted as lil Miss Elise sleeps in her hospital bassinet and every now and then we smile as we hear her quiet, lil squeal as she startles herself awake.
Good stuff.
Obv I can’t sit still and had to get some newborn photos and I couldn’t be more pleased with them!  Elise was born on May 4th at 3:47AM, 20 hours post induction.  She weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 21 inches long.  Daddy got to give her her first bottle.  Swoon.
We are so excited to go home tomorrow and start our new lives and introduce Shelby to her new BFF.  lol
We couldn’t be more appreciative of the love and support we’ve received from our family and friends and are super excited to introduce her to all of you.
Thanks again, and as always… Enjoy…

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Congrats Amy & Craig… and Haley!

Welcome back!  Excited to show you the beautiful wedding of Amy and Craig!  This was a quick wedding for me but it was made up for by the awesome family and friends surrounding Amy, Craig, and his daughter Haley!  Amy and Craig chose to see each other before the ceremony and we took photos in Amy’s mom’s yard – followed by the ceremony and reception at Bittersweet Farms in Westport.  You guys look so happy!  Congrats and best of luck!

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Happy Birthday Miss Reya!

Happy Birthday Miss Reya!

Yesterday we attended Reya’s fourth birthday… princess style!  The Elmo run has finally broken and now we have upgraded to Disney Princess!  hehe  It is always fun to spend an afternoon with family and friends and celebrate.  You would not believe the incredibly vocal “OHHHH”s and “AHHHH”s!  Along with the typical silliness that always ensues.  Thanks for inviting us Reya… you make a beautiful princess!

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What do you get when you have a toddler, a lil baby, and a mommy to be? – UPDATED!

Great photo ops!

Here are some photos of a good friend of mine (mommy to be), and her friend’s precious lil seven week old and niece!  We had a fun afternoon gossiping and dressing up lil Isabella – what a lil princess!  Her cousin was also in attendance and after a lil warming up posed for some photos.  C, the mom to be looked beautiful and radiant albeit a bit anxious to meet her lil girl!  Enjoy the photos below on this post-Mother’s Day Monday!

I’ve added a few more of lil I…  so precious!

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