Meet Alida, Chris… and Austin!

Welcome back!  I have some pretty awesome engagement photos for you!
Alida, Chris, and I met at Colt State Park for a lil engagement session… with special guest Austin (Chris’s son).  The weather was beautiful and we had a great time!  Looking forward to Alida and Chris’s wedding in October!

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Happy Birthday Miss Reya!

Happy Birthday Miss Reya!

Yesterday we attended Reya’s fourth birthday… princess style!  The Elmo run has finally broken and now we have upgraded to Disney Princess!  hehe  It is always fun to spend an afternoon with family and friends and celebrate.  You would not believe the incredibly vocal “OHHHH”s and “AHHHH”s!  Along with the typical silliness that always ensues.  Thanks for inviting us Reya… you make a beautiful princess!

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Alex, Ben, & Ryan!


Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot two beautiful families… well children of families.  Oddly enough, one set was three boys and the other, three girls!  Also neighbors and of approximately the same ages!  Weird, right?  LOL but all of the children are lil cutie pies!  Though I do have to admit… middle children are oh so… precious, lol.  So here’s the first set of the three brothers!  Enjoy!

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